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    Privacy and Security – Summary and Guideline for Further Research
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    Privacy Metadata – what does it capture: IP address endpoints on http traffic, but not https. GSM MetaData – who you called/texted and when/where. Public wifi hotspots not required to collect metadata. https mail is secure from metadata protection except —> Five eyes agreement (Share intelligence – US UK NZ CANADA and AUST) Not secure […]

  • National Rallies Call For Welfare Change
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    MEDIA RELEASE FOR RALLY MARCH AUSTRALIA Media Release 8 July 2015 National Rallies call for welfare change March Australia is hosting the National Welfare March at a number of locations around the nation this weekend. “The time is now”, said Loz Lawrey, a March Australia volunteer. “Attitudes to welfare and welfare recipients have to change. […]

  • Activists lodge G20 Policing Submissions
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    G20 policing submissions lodged Brisbane Activist Support Team (BAST) and other groups have lodged submissions to the Crime and Corruption Commission review on the G20 Act. $450 million was spent on the security operation. Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the Brisbane G20 had set the benchmark for future summits. Speaking on the policing operation she […]

  • Anonymous Mask at G20 Rally, November 2014
    Media Release: Civil Liberties Rally
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    A rally in support of Civil Liberties and G20 arrestees will be held tomorrow morning, 4 December, at the Magistrates Court.  Three of the Arrestees have been charged with offences under the G20 Act relating to prohibited items, in this instance masks. Another has been charged with violating a Prohibited Persons order. On 13 November Ross […]

  • Death in Custody March
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    The tragedy of death in custody always evokes strong sentiments of anger, despair, disbelief and hunger for justice, and it was no different today at the rally held in Brisbane, hosted by the Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy to honour loved ones, who in the course of their lives were failed by the justice system. The hundreds […]

  • Media Release: Sovereignty Society Sustainability
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      SOVEREIGNTY SOCIETY SUSTAINABILITY A New Agenda For The 21st Century The BrisCAN-G20 Peoples’ Summit concludes on Friday evening at the beautiful Princess Theatre, with talks by the following experts: *Winnie Byanyima, executive director, Oxfam International *Les Malezer, co-chair, National Congress of Australia’s First People *Sharan Burrow, general secretary, International Trade Union Confederation *Michelle Maloney, […]

  • Media Release: Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit
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    MEDIA RELEASE For immediate release Date: 14 Nov 2014   VISIONING ANOTHER WORLD: THE G20 PEOPLES’ SUMMIT Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit is a three-day festival of symposiums, idea sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in various locations in Brisbane from November 12-14,and before the G20 Leaders Summit. […]

  • Labour Movements
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    Elmer Labog , the chairperson of KMU, the May First Movement (Kilusang Mayo Uno), the largest and the militant trade union centre of the Philippines, couldn’t care less if Tony Abbott shirt fronts Vladimir Putin, but he cares about Australian mining interests in the Philippines financing the military to kill mining workers struggling for their […]