BrisCAN-G20 Response to Courier-Mail

Media Release

27 September 2014


BrisCAN-G20 spokesperson, Greg Brown said “The Murdoch media has scrapped the bottom of the barrel again with its irresponsible beat up and misrepresentation in today’s Courier Mail.”

“BrisCAN-G20 opposes the violence of climate change, the drive to war in the Middle East, the ongoing attacks upon civil liberties and workers’ rights in Australia, and the deprivations and hardships caused by LNP austerity budgets.”

Mr Brown said “BrisCAN-G20 is demanding a world with an economy that works for people and the planet, a world safe from the ravages of climate change and war, a world with good jobs, clean air and water and healthy communities. We call upon those associated with the G20, both internationally and domestically, to take up these issues.”

“BrisCAN facilitates vibrant community-based action for an ecologically and socially just world. We invite people to join us in fostering peaceful collaborations for progressive and positive change locally and globally in the lead up to the G20 and beyond.”

For more detail about BrisCAN-G20 visit or, or phone Mr Greg Brown on 0409 877 528.

About the author /

Max Riethmuller is a local Brisbane journalist and photographer. Max is editor of the indy media website Altmax Media and maintains several media related webpages. Max was also an active member of the Occupy movement and continues to remain involved in activism, using his journalistic and photographic skills to draw attention to the work of activists and the issues they represent.

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