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  • Media Release – International Union Leader Calls on G20
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    International union leader calls on G20 to improve lives of working families.   Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of International Trade Union Confederation, will speak at the G20 rally on November 15. The ITUC represents 125 million workers across 125 countries. Sharan Burrow, who will also participate in Labour 20, has called for a focus on […]

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    Brisbane G20 Peoples Summit: Visioning another world
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    BrisCAN-G20 is a broad network of groups concerned about the social and ecological impacts of the G20. Included in these are concerns about the immediate repercussions of hosting the G20 in our region – such as the current diminishing of civil liberties – and the local and global perpetuation of the economics of privilege.

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    Media Release – G20 is Austerity Summit
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    The G20 forum is committed to shifting wealth from the majority of citizens to the incredibly rich. They will do globally what Newman and Abbott are doing locally – sell public assets, outsource and cuts to social services.

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    G20 Road Closures South Brisbane
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    The QLD Government has released road closure details for the period of the G20. Several roads will be completely closed for the G20 and the week preceding, whereas some roads will be closed in only one direction and some will only be closed for the period of the conference itself.

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    Alternatives to the G20 – Newspaper Fundraiser
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    In response a diverse range of community groups and members are putting on a range of creative actions and forums to occur in the week leading up to and during the G20 summit. This includes the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy’s Decolonisation Before Profit program and Global First Nations Conference, and the G20 Peoples Convergence.