Activists lodge G20 Policing Submissions

G20 policing submissions lodged

Brisbane Activist Support Team (BAST) and other groups have lodged submissions to the Crime and Corruption Commission review on the G20 Act.

$450 million was spent on the security operation. Assistant Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the Brisbane G20 had set the benchmark for future summits. Speaking on the policing operation she said “I think this is the template for the future.”

This is a problem for regional political activists.

The submissions below argue that the policing operation resulted in the suppression of civil liberties. The primary submission was hastily written but touches on the following themes:
• the application of the G20 Act resulted in a major suppression of civil liberties;
• the policing methods are a development upon the APEC policing;
• the policing methods were sophisticated, eg. in relation to negotiations with protest groups;
• that the police collaborated with a willing media partner to create a climate of fear to i) deter people and organisations exercising their rights in relation to peaceful assembly, and ii) indicate to protestors that the police held all the cards (relevant to negotiations);
• PR images about reasonable police, and the so-called water bottle diplomacy, are misleading and served to cloud understanding about the role of the police; and
• consequently the police claims about facilitating civil liberties is easily demonstrated as nonsense.

The submissions are linked below. The first “BrisCAn Activist Support Team Submission” includes an overview of concerns and reflections or reports from activists.  “BrisCAN supplementary submission” is a reflection on the G20 by Andy Paine, which had been omitted from the orginal BAST submission.

Greg from BAST is seeking comments by participants in the alternate G20 events in order to promote ongoing discussion about the G20 policing strategy and tactics. If you have comments on the above themes, the application of the Act etc please contact Greg at

BrisCAN Activist Support Team submission

BrisCAN supplementary submission

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