The BrisCAN network was established in response to the upcoming G20 and a desire to reframe public G20 discourse around issues that impact people, communities and environment; issues that are not addressed or have been ridden roughshod over by the group of 20 to date.  For the period up to and including the G20 the network will be known as BrisCAN-G20, afterwards the network will continue to work on community action and lobbying efforts as needs are identified.


The Brisbane Community Action Network – G20 (BrisCAN–G20) formed as a response to the Brisbane G20 meeting, planned for Nov 15-16, 2014.

We are concerned about the ongoing ecological destruction and social and economic and disparities perpetuated by G20 and the systems it represents.

We live in and take action on Aboriginal land and support First Nations’ struggles for land and culture.

BRIS-CAN facilitates vibrant community-based action for an ecologically and socially just world. We foster peaceful collaborations for progressive and positive change locally and globally in the lead up to the G20 and beyond.