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Peoples Summit Day 1 Closing Night Public Forum
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Peoples Summit Day 1

Report: G20 Peoples’ Summit – Day 1 (12/11/14) | TOTT News
Today in Brisbane, the G20 Peoples’ Summit kicked off in emphatic fashion, with numerous workshops, discussion groups and collective actions dominating the agenda. TOTT News was present at discussions relating to austerity, challenging transnational corporations and civil liberties in Australia.

Stephen Keim speaks at G20 People’s Summit, Brisbane 2014
Stephen Keim, SC, discusses the extension of law enforcement and intelligence agency powers associated with contemporary anti-terrorism crusades, and its implications for human rights and press freedom.

ALBA Vs G20 & the TPP
Interview about the differences between ALBA and the G20 with the speakers at the forum hosted by the Australian Venezuela Solidarity Network and Socialist Alliance that took place during the peoples summit at the Brisbane G20.

Land Grabbing and Food Sovereignty
One of the workshops at the peoples summit during the G20 was about the issue of land grabbing, how this adversely affects local populations and the argument for food sovereignty.

AMWU G20 Economic Principles
AMWU outlines some of the principles which they see will add a voice to an alternative economic growth and economic development to Australia.

Peoples Summit Day 2

Report: G20 Peoples’ Summit – Day 2 (13/11/14) | TOTT News
After a very successful Day 1 in Brisbane yesterday, the G20 Peoples’ Summit continued the momentum with another round of discussions, forums and collective action across the city today. TOTT News was present at discussions relating to free trade agreements, indigenous rights and civil society – and all of our coverage can be found below.

Myra Gold Peoples Summit (Part 1 and Part 2)
Myra Gold talks at the peoples summit regarding her G20 actions. Sorry about the poor quality of this video. Due to last minute inclusion of Myra’s talk we decided it was important to get a recording and mobile phones were the only available tool! We were just glad Myra could speak to us, thank you Myra!

Peoples Summit Day 3

Public Private Partnerships – Green Left TV
Forum at the Peoples Summit during the G20 took up public private partnerships. Interviews with the presenters look at the effects of them and how the G20 is pushing this policy.

Report: G20 Peoples’ Summit – Day 3 (14/11/14) | TOTT News
As the time draws near, and the official G20 Leaders’ Summit kicks off tomorrow, the G20 Peoples’ Summit has come to an end after a fantastic week of workshop discussions, forums and community actions across the week. TOTT News was present at discussions relating to protests strategies/civil liberties and civil society – wrapping up our coverage of the 3 day summit today.

Sovereignty Society Sustainability – Towards A New Agenda for the 21st Century – Public Forum

Audio Recordings of All Speakers


Video Mash-Up

Wrap Up Discussion Panel – Report from Evan Verner – Green Left Weekly:

Peoples March

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