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The map below lists all venues in use by the Peoples’ Summit as well as address, phone and website of the venue itself. Details about the specific events that will be held at these venues is available on the Community Event page.

Venue List:



    Dawn Joyce

    Peace will be the focus of a silent vigil on Remembrance Eve, Monday 10 November, as part of the lead up to the G20. White Poppies for Peace will be available. There is a police permit for this event: 12 noon to 1 pm in King George Square. Please join us for some or all of the time.

    Margid Bryn-Burns is the permit holder.

    Hi Max. Quakers Qld have endorsed the BrisCAN Statement of Unity and have contributed financially to the Peoples Summit. Please include this event on the calendar. Peace Dawn

    • Max Riethmuller

      Hi Dawn, many thanks for the donation! Your support is much appreciated.

      For those reading, if you have events please submit them to You don’t need to donate to have your event added of course! But if you do you are helping a great cause.

    • Max Riethmuller

      I have added the event. Let me know if there any details I can add or remove.

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