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Promotional Material


Posters and Flyers

G20 Peoples' Summit Poster

G20 Peoples’ Summit Poster

G20 Peoples' March Poster

G20 Peoples’ March Poster

G20 Peoples Summit Public Forum

G20 Peoples Summit Public Forum

Underground Film Night Poster

Underground Film Night Poster

G20 peoples march poster

G20 peoples march poster, Original Design

poster barek peoples summit

Peoples Summit Poster (Original Design)

Peoples Convergence

Peoples Convergence Flyer


G20 News Paper Handout

    PDF Versions
  • People’s Convergence  – General Information Leaflet
  • G20 Peoples’ Summit Poster – PDF
  • G20 Peoples’ Summit Public Forum (A New Agenda For The 21st Century) – PDF
  • G20 Alternative Newspaper Fundraiser Handout – JPG



G20 zine thmb

Seeing Through the G20: A People’s Zine. Online Version for viewing in browser.

G20 zine print thmb

Seeing Through The G20: A Peoples’ Zine. Print Version (to produce printed copies)



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Peoples’ Summit Venue Map (click image to enlarge):

summit map

View interactive google map with venue list here

Road Closure Map (click below to enlarge).  For more information about road closures go to this page.

G20 Road Closures

G20 Road Closures

Maps of Security Zones (click to enlarge):

G20 Convention Centre Restricted Zone

G20 Declared and Restricted Zone

Certain Security Zones are defined in the G20 Act. These include Motorcade Zones, Declared Zones and Restricted Zones.  Each zone carries different restrictions, the Declared zones being the most liberal and those where protests will be allowed.  Below are maps of the Declared zone around Southbank and South Brisbane, and the Restricted zone around the conference centre.  More maps (which include various restricted zones mostly centred around hotels where dignitaries will be staying), can be found in Schedule 1 of the Act.

The Difference between a Declared Area and a Restricted Area is explain in this QP FAQ.  This article from the ABC gives a basic rundown on the types of things that will be banned in all Security areas:

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Legal Resources

  • Police Powers: Your Rights And Responsibilities, booklet produced by Caxton Legal Centre – Download
  • G20 Law Brochure for dissemination courtesy of Caxton Legal Centre.  Explains the key G20 specific laws – Download
  • G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2014 Queensland – Download

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