Peoples’ Summit: Visioning Another World

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Brisbane G20 Peoples Summit
Nov 12-14, 2014

BrisCAN-G20 is a broad network of groups concerned about the social and ecological impacts of the G20. Included in these are concerns about the immediate repercussions of hosting the G20 in our region – such as the current diminishing of civil liberties – and the local and global perpetuation of the economics of privilege. We see the G20 as an opportunity to unite and work towards transforming our society into a more just and sustainable one.

We realise that solutions to global crises, such as the climate, and local issues, such as food sovereignty, come from empowerment and involvement of the people in our communities. While the G20 has effectively locked out NGOs and the public, we know that it is from organising and collaborating amongst ourselves that real and effective change can be made.

Visioning Another World: The G20 Peoples Summit will be a three-day festival of symposiums, idea-sharing, art, creative activities, education and action. It will take place in various locations in Brisbane November 12-14, before the G20 Leaders Summit. This event aims to bring together local and international thinkers to collaborate on broad themes: The Economy: Growth Vs Sustainability, Environment, Climate & Earth Rights, Dispossession Decolonisation, Politics, Democracies …existing and beyond?, Social Justice: Human, Labour, Gender Rights.., and De-militarisation & Peace.

We welcome your organisation’s perspective in these conversations.

Speakers at Summit events include:

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation
Sam Castro (Friends of the Earth)
Winnie Byanyima (OXFAM)
Lez Malezer, National Congress of Australia’s First People
Pat Renald (AFTINET)
Senator Larissa Waters
Lex Wotton (Palm Island Community)
The Peoples Summit will provide a safe, inclusive, family-friendly space to discuss the issues that really matter to us.You are invited to get involved by proposing, developing and collaborating on a section of the Peoples Summit program and/or organising a satellite event. Your involvement can take any shape: This may be a panel with a string of speakers, a key speaker with discussants, or a collaborative conversation space. It might be music or theatre or an art exhibition. It may be a film showing, a debate or a DIY workshop… it may be some other form of talk fest, forum, installation, performance or happening…

The Peoples Summit will be followed by two days of creative action, education and solidarity while the G20 Leaders Summit is taking place, including thePeoples Rally and March on November 15.While demonstrations will be taking place throughout the G20 Summit week, we are calling the community to rally together on the first day of the Leaders Summit. The Peoples Rally and March will be a colourful celebration of diversity and unity in action.Join us in this united call for global social and ecological justice!

BrisCAN supports: First Nations’ responses to the G20 and the First Nation’s Decolonisation Before Profit program. This program runs through the week Nov 8 – Nov 16 and will include a Global First Nations Conference – November 15-16 See:

We welcome your involvement in any, or all, of these events.

To register your interest in the Peoples Summit, volunteer, donate your time, skills or money or for more information, please contact:

We look forward to Visioning Another World with you in the lead up to the G20 Summit in Brisbane and beyond.

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Brisbane Community Action Network (BrisCAN)
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Bank: MECU
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Please deposit by Internet banking, with “People’s Summit” in the description (if you are happy for your donation to be used for any event of the Peoples’ Convergence, there is no need to specify). Thank you!