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Things to Do With Kids in Melbourne


We all know that kids love to explore and experience new things. If you’re looking for things to do with your children in Melbourne, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! With so many options available, it might be hard to find the perfect activity for your family. Take a look at our list of things to do with kids In Melbourne below and see if anything strikes your fancy. You’ll be sure to have fun exploring this beautiful city with the ones you love:)


Interaxcity is totally dedicated to children!n They offer a range of activities for children. From art workshops to sports, they have it all! This is the perfect place to take your kids if you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne with them. If they get tired, simply drop them off at one of their many daycare options while you go out and enjoy some time on your own.

Interaxcity is located at 19 Yarra Street, Southbank VIC 30066.

Melbourne Zoo

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? The kids will be so excited when they see all of the animals and attractions! They offer a range of activities for children from feeding giraffes to playing with red pandas.

Melbourne Zoo is located at Elliot Ave, Parkville VIC 3052

Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are great places to go with kids of all ages! They have a range of rides which will make even the biggest kid out there smile from ear to ear. If your children aren’t feeling up for the big rides, they also have a range of attractions and exhibits which might suit them better. The only way to find out is if you try it for yourself:)

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are located at Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera QLD 4214

ArtVo 3D Immersive Art Gallery

ArtVo is the new 3D art Gallery in Melbourne that explores the relationship between art and technology. This unique gallery allows visitors to immerse themselves in each piece of artwork, drawing them closer than ever before. Each visit will be a new experience so don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

Science Museum Melbourne Australia

The Australian science center is open every day of the year, except Christmas Day. The amazing museum is full of so many hands-on exhibits that you and your children will be entertained for hours! This science center features everything from art to astronomy in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. If this sounds like something right up your alley then don’t wait another minute! These are just a few of the many things to do with children In Melbourne.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is one of the most popular kids’ activities in Melbourne. This amazing aquarium provides an opportunity to learn about underwater life and conservation with a behind-the-scenes look at the animals’ habitats and lifestyles through interactive exhibits. If your kids love all things aquatic then this is the place for them!

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium  is located at King St, Port Phillip VIC 300.


Legoland is a fun activity for kid ofs all ages! This is the perfect place to take your children if you’re looking for things to do in Melbourne with them. They have a wide range of attractions that will keep everyone happy including roller coasters, live shows and so much more!

Legoland is located at Fed Square Plz, Flinders St VIC 3000.

Ice Skating O’brien Ice House or HQ

O’Brien Ice House at the District Docklands is ice skating rink that offers a range of activities for the whole family. The O’Brien Ice House has been an iconic Melbourne attraction since opening in 1986, and it continues to be one of best things to do with kids In Melbourne!

O’brien Ice House is located at Docklands Dr, Docklands VIC 30083.

Adventure Golf Club

The Adventure Golf Club is an 18-hole mini-golf course that provides a range of activities for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to spend time with kids or on your own, this fun attraction has something everyone can enjoy!

Adventure Golf Club is located at 700 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058.

There are so many options for what to do in this incredible city! If you’re looking for fun indoor activities then check out our list above and if it’s all just a little too much, why not take them on an adventure? You can visit some of Australia’s most famous beaches, go on a hike, or just stay in the city and take them to some of Melbourne’s best restaurants! Whatever you decide to do with your children they are sure to have an amazing time. can take you and your family around Melbourne.

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